prof rahman1

B.C.N., J.M.N, FASc., CEng., FIChemE, P.Eng

Qualifications: B.Sc. (Southern California), M.Sc., Ph.D. (New Hampshire)
Expertise: Reaction Engineering & Catalysis, Air Pollution Monitoring and Control, Fuel Technology, Nanotechnology
Current Position : Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation)


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    1. Green Technology and Nanomaterials Applications for the Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)
    2. Synthesis of High Uniformity Large Area Graphene in Ambient Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
    3. Development Self Designed Nanocatalyst to Study the Mechanism of Dry Reforming of Methane to Valuable Chemicals
    4. Production of High Quality Carbon Nanotube
    1. Surface Modification and Modeling of Supported Cobalt Aluminium Oxides Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane.
    2. Photocatalytic Removal of 2-Chlorophenol by ZnO/C3N4 Catalyst under Visible Light Irradiation.
    3. Synthesis of Large Area Graphene using Chemical Vapor Deposition.
    1. Photocatalytic Removal of Phenol and Congo Red Dye using Graphene (BiFeO3) Photocatalysis.
    2. Synthesis of sorbents for CO2 capture from biogenesis calcium wastes.
    3. Synthesis and Characterization Cobalt-Based Nanocatalyst on Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Reforming of Methane (CH4).