Qualifications: B.Sc. (Baghdad), Ph.D. (Salford)
Expertise: Reaction Engineering, Biofuels, Adsorption Process, Activated Carbon, Environmental Catalysis


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    1. Understanding the mechanism and kinetics of carbon dioxide adsorption on nitrogen-doped carbonaceous materials from biomass derivatives, FRGS, Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).
    2. Development of highly-active and reusable structured catalyst for the conversion of glycerol as by-product from biodiesel production to value-added glycerol carbonate, TRGS grant, Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).
    3. Thermal and catalytic co-pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass and plastic waste into high quality bio-oil product, Research University (RU) Top-Down grant, Universiti Sains Malaysia.
    1. Preparation and characterization of efficient and reusable iron based-silica oxide catalysts for dark, UV and visible light-assisted Fenton-like degradation of reactive black 5, acid blue 29 and methylene blue
    2. Development and characterization of reusable heterogeneous catalysts for glycerol transesterification and acetylation to oxygenated fuel additives
    3. Preparation, characterization and adsorption studies of clay and chitosan-based composite adsorbents for acid, basic and reactive
    1. Fixed bed adsorption of carbon dioxide on modified granular coconut activated carbon
    2. Fixed bed adsorption of carbon dioxide on modified granular coconut activated carbon
    3. Decolorization of dye pollutants by Fenton-like oxidation process using zeolite and natural clay based catalyst