Qualifications: B.Eng., Ph.D. (USM)
Expertise: Membrane Technology, Wastewater Engineering, Separation Process, Water shut-off and Water Control Technology for oilfield industry


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    1. Innovative approach of Adsorbent Coating for Industrial Effluent Treatment 
    2. Development of functionalized membrane for wastewater treatment 
    3. Development of smart water control fluid for Oilfield application 
    4. Studies of environmental friendly enhance oil recovery (EOR) surfactant 
    1. Iylia binti Idris (2016) - Direct Contact Membrane Distillation (DCMD) Application for Palm Oil Mill Effluent Treatment 
    2. Adewunmi Ahmad Akandi (on-going) - Polymeric Hydrogels infused with Environmental Solid waste for Water Shut-off Application: Synthesis, Characterization and Modelling 
    3. Syahida Farhan binti Azha (on-going) – Thin Coated Adsorbent layer for cationic and anionic dye removal.
    1. Tuan Syahiira binti Tuan Zarawi (2016) – Removal of Methylene Blue by Bentonite Based Adsorbent Film: Characterization and Performance Studies. 
    2. Nursyuhaida binti Mohamad Sobri (2016) – Statistical Analysis of Polymer-Based Gel for Water Shut-off Treatment in OilField Application 
    3. Noorlaila binti Mohamed Nor (2015) - Membrane Fouling and Cleaning Study for Drinking Water Treatment using Integrated Membrane System