Qualifications: Dip. (UTM), B.Eng. (Surrey), M.Sc. (Distinction), Ph.D. (Newcastle)
Expertise: Artificial Neural Networks(Multiple Neural Networks), Process Modeling, Model Based Process Control, Neural Network Applications In Chemical Processes


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    1. Reliable Data Based Process Modelling and Monitoring For Process Industry 
    2. Direct Biodiesel Synthesis From Microalgae Through In Situ Transesterification Using Homogeneous Catalyst.
    3. Development of soft sensor for monitoring and control.
    1. Experimental, Modeling And Control Study Of Candida Antartica Lipase Catalyzed Ε-Caprolactone To Polycaprolactone Process Using Neural Networks. ( completed - 2014) 
    2. Biodiesel From Waste Cooking Oil: Multi-Objective Optimization, Plantwide Control And Operator Training Simulator. ( completed-2013) 
    3. Extraction And Modeling Of Type I Collagen From Malaysian Hybrid Catfish (Clarias Gariepinus X Clarias Macrocephalus). (Completed- 2013)
    1. Third Generation Biodiesel Production From Algae Oil By In-Situ Transesterification: Optimisation And Techno Economic Analysis. ( On-Going)
    2. Neural Network Modeling And Optimization For Enzymatic Hydrolysis Of Xylose From Rice Straw.( Completed-2014)
    3. Development Of Environmental Quality Predictor Using Feedforward Neural Network In Matlab Graphical User Interface (GUI). ( Completed-2014)