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Current Reseach Projects

(1) Development of heterogeneous catalysts for production of biodieselfrom palm oil


(2) Development of doped-TiO2 photocatalysts for degradation of textile dyes




(3) Development of surfactant-assisted anatase mesoporous TiO2 transparent films for degradation of textile dyes





(4) Preparation of activated carbon from agricultural waste by microwave induced chemical activation 



      Activated Carbon



          Before             After



(5) Development of mesoporous heterogeneous catalysts for photo-Fenton degradationof water pollutants under visible irradiation




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(6) Synthesis of hybrid SBA-15 functionalizedcatalyst for glycerol esterification to fuel additives 


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since October 1, 2013



READ International Collaborative Research Group   




To develop new nanoporous materials for Environmental & Energy Applications.


Group Leader: Professor Dr. Bassim H. Hameed


Research Projects:

(1) Development of functionalized adsorbents for carbon dioxide capture

(2) Development of mesoporous activated carbon and polymer-based hybrid adsorbents for removal of water pollutants

(3) Catalytic conversion of glycerol by-product of biodiesel to bio-fuel additives

(4) Production of biofuels and chemicals by catalytic pyrolysis of agricultural waste


International research collaborators:



Prof. Dr. M. Asif

King Saud University


Prof. Dr. Amor Hafianea

Centre for Research and Technology of Water, Tunisia



Dr. Md Azharul Islam

Khulna University       



Dr. Ivy Tan Ai Wei

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak



Dr. M. A. Olutoye

Fedral University of Techology, Minna



Dr. Sumiyyah Sabar

Universiti Sains Malaysia



Dr. Moonis Khan

King Saud University



Dr. Hassina Zaghouane-Boudiaf

University of Ferhat Abbas - Sétif



Prof. Dr. U. G. Akpan

Fedral University of Techology, Minna



Dr. M. J. Ahmed

Baghdad University



Potential Group members:

Researchers with a proven track record in the research areas of Reaction Engineering, mathematical Modeling, heterogeneous catalysis, synthesis of nanoporous, catalysts characterizations, polymer chemistry, and surface chemistry are welcome to collaborate with the group. Please contact me if you are interested.




The map displays the top geographic locations for my co-authors.


Recent Publications:







  1. M.J. Ahmed, B.H. Hameed, Removal of emerging pharmaceutical contaminants by adsorption in a fixed-bed column: A review, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 149 (2018) 257–266.
  2. M.M.M Ali, M. J. Ahmed, B.H. Hameed, NaY zeolite from wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) straw ash used for the adsorption of tetracycline, Journal of Cleaner Production, 172 (2018) 602-608.
  3. M.J. Ahmed, B.H. Hameed, Adsorption behavior of salicylic acid on biochar as derived from the thermal pyrolysis of barley straws, Journal of Cleaner Production, 195 (2018) 1162-1169.
  4. M. Azharul Islam, Y.L. Tan, M. Atikul Islam, Marija Romic, B.H. Hameed, Chitosan–bleaching earth clay composite as an efficient adsorbent for carbon dioxide adsorption: Process optimization, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 554 (2018) 9-15. 






  1. F. Marrakchi, Muthanna J. Ahmed, W.A. Khanday, M. Asif, B.H. Hameed,Mesoporous carbonaceous material from fish scales as low-cost adsorbent forreactive orange 16 adsorption, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 71 (2017) 47-54.
  2. Md. Azharul Islam, S. Sabar, A. Benhouria, W.A. Khanday, M. Asif, B.H. HameedNanoporous activated carbon prepared fromKaranj (Pongamia pinnata) fruit hulls for methylene blue adsorption, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 74 (2017) 96-104.
  3. M.A. Islam, M. Auta, G. Kabir, B.H. Hameed, A thermogravimetric analysis of the combustion kinetics of karanja (Pongamia pinnata) fruit hulls charBioresource Technology 200 (2016) 335-341. (Impact Factor 2015: 4.917). 
  4.  M.A. Olutoye, S.W. Wong, L.H. Chin, H. Amani, M. Asif, B.H. Hameed, Synthesis of fatty acid methyl esters via the transesterification of waste cooking oil by methanol with a barium-modified montmorillonite K10 catalystRenewable Energy 86 (2016) 392-398. (Impact Factor 2015: 3.404).
  5. Md. Azharul Islam, M. Asif, B.H. Hameed, Pyrolysis kinetics of raw and hydrothermally carbonized Karanj (Pongamia pinnata) fruit hulls via thermogravimetric analysisBioresource Technology, 179 (2015) 227-233. (Impact Factor 2015: 4.917).
  6. V.O. Njoku, Md. Azharul Islam, M. Asif, B.H. Hameed, Adsorption of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid by mesoporous activated carbon prepared from H3PO4-activated langsat empty fruit bunch, Journal of Environmental Management, 154 (2015) 138-144. (Impact Factor 2015: 3.131).
  7. M. Azharul Islam, A. Benhouria, M. Asif, B.H. Hameed, Methylene blue adsorption on factory-rejected tea activated carbon prepared by conjunction of hydrothermal carbonization and sodium hydroxide activation processes, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 52 (2015) 57-64. (Impact Factor 2015: 2.848).




































Updated 01/07/2018

Top Hottest Articles!

According to a recent   Science Direct report of J. Hazard. Mater.; Desalination; Colloids Surf A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects; Chem. Eng. J. and Fuel Process. Technol., more than 15 of our papers were among Top 25 Hottest Articles accessed in 2007-2012. More..

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Top 10 Cited articles

According to Desalination (Extracted from Scopus on Sat Jan 1 22:08:55 GMT 2011), Journal of Hazardous Materials (Extracted from Scopus (on Sun Jan 2 20:51:48 GMT2011), Chemical Engineering Journal (Extracted from Scopus (on Wed Dec 2921:53:31 GMT 2010) and Dyes and Pigments (Extracted from Scopus on Thu Jan 6 22:47:17 GMT 2011), our following three articles were cited as one of Top 10 Cited articles published in the last five years:

Tan, I.A.W., Ahmad, A.L., Hameed, B.H., Adsorption of basic dye using activated carbon preparedfrom oil palm shell: batch and fixed bed studies, Desalination 225 (2008) 13-28.

Hameed, B.H., Din, A.T.M., Ahmad, A.L., Adsorption of methylene blue onto bamboo-basedactivated carbon: Kinetics and equilibrium studies, Journal of Hazardous Materials 141 (2007) 819-825.

Tan, I.A.W. , Hameed, B.H., Ahmad, A.L., Equilibrium and kinetic studies on basic dye adsorptionby oil palm fibre activated carbon, Chemical Engineering Journal127 ( 2007) 111-119.

Hameed, B.H., Ahmad, A.L., Latiff, K.N.A.,Adsorption of basic dye (methylene blue) onto activated carbon preparedfrom rattan sawdust, Dyes and Pigments, 75 (2007) 143-149.


Latest Published Articles

K.L. Tan, B.H. Hameed, Insight into the adsorption kinetics models for the removal of contaminants from aqueous solutions, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 74 (2017) 25-48.

N. Nasuha, S. Ismail, B.H. Hameed, Activated electric arc furnace slag as an effective and reusable Fenton-like catalyst for the photodegradation of methylene blue and acid blue 29,  Journal of Environmental Management, 196 (2017) 323-329.




News and Events

Professorial lecture

It is the delight of the READ Group to highlight the successful Professorial lecture of Prof. Bassim H. Hameed. The lecture took place on 15th June 2011 at Engineering Campus of USM, Nibong Tebal, Penang, Malaysia.

The title of the lecture was “Agro-Activated Carbons: low-cost, renewable and sustainable for clean environment”. Prof. Bassim, in his Lecture dwelt much on the conversion of waste to useful material. The slogan of the lecture is anchored on “Don’t Waste Waste”. Any waste can be transformed into a potentially useful material. In this delight, Prof. Bassim did justice to his lecture by taking his audience through the process by which various waste can be converted to activated carbon, a material which is very effective in the removal of pollutants from wastewater and air. A clip showing how our river waters are polluted was shown which a motivating factor to finding materials, such as activated carbon and other adsorbent which can be used in the treatment of water. Read more...


News and Events

Guest Professor at Yunan Minzu University, China

Prof. Dr. Bassim H. Hameed been appointed as a Guest Professor at Yunan Minzu University, China for the period of 2014—2017.


USM is the top 20

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is the 19th best varsity for Chemical Engineering in Asia, according to the inaugural QS World University Ranking for technical subjects.

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