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Current Reseach Projects

(1) Development of heterogeneous catalysts for production of biodieselfrom palm oil


(2) Development of doped-TiO2 photocatalysts for degradation of textile dyes




(3) Development of surfactant-assisted anatase mesoporous TiO2 transparent films for degradation of textile dyes





(4) Preparation of activated carbon from agricultural waste by microwave induced chemical activation 



      Activated Carbon



          Before             After



(5) Development of mesoporous heterogeneous catalysts for photo-Fenton degradationof water pollutants under visible irradiation




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(6) Synthesis of hybrid SBA-15 functionalizedcatalyst for glycerol esterification to fuel additives 


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since October 1, 2013




Group Leader:

Professor Dr. Bassim H. Hameed


Current and Completed Postdoctoral, Postgraduate Students and Research Assistant/Officers:


PhD students: 


Kabir Garba

Thesis title:    Production of high quality bio-oil and chemicals from in-situ catalytic pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass


Yee Ling Tan

Thesis title:    Catalytic fast pyrolysis of agricultural residues to bio-oil 


Ali Lawan Yaumi

Thesis title:    Development of hybrid nanoporous composite adsorbents for carbon dioxide capture

Hamizura Binti Hassan

Thesis title:    Catalytic co-pyrolysis of lignocellulosic residues and different plastic waste

Norhayati Mohd Idrus

Development of nanoporous composite materials for the adsorption of emerging contaminants in batch & fixed-bed processes


Muthmirah Binti Ibrahim

Synthesis and characterization of polymer-based porous composite materials for carbon dioxide capture


MSc students: 


Syafini Mohd Hussin

Thesis title:    Synthesis and characterization of N-containing nonporous adsorbents for carbon dioxide capture in a fixed-bed  



Final Year Research Project (2017/2018):


Thayasree A/P Kaliappan

Fast pyrolysis of Jackfruit peel to bio-oil in a drop-type fixed bed reactor


Siti Mariam Binti Md Poad

Post-combustion carbon dioxide capture by porous carbon from Cassava leaves in a fixed-bed


Nurul Syazliza Binti Mohd

Preparation of nitrogen containing Hydrochar by hydrothermal carbonization of water spinach and soy bean sprouts waste

Research Assistant:

Siti Fairos Bt Ab Shatar

Research Attachment:


Assia Benhouria

PhD in Chemical Engineering

 Period:            30/10/2013 till 30/10/2014.
 Research Title: Development of clay-based composite adsorbents for adsorption of dyes in batch and continous systems


G. Abdul-Raheem

Ph.D. Student

Department of Textile Science & Technology

Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria  

Period: 15/5/2010 till 15/8/2010

Research title: Photocatalytic degradation of DB71 using modified TiO2 catalyst


Nor Adilla Rashidi
MSc in Chemical Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Period:          19/10/2011 till 30/11/2011

Research title: Preparation of activated carbon from biomass by one-stepCO2 activation for gaseous pollutant removal

G. Abdul-Raheem

Ph.D. Student

Department of Textile Science & Technology

Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria  

Period: 15/5/2010 till 15/8/2010

Research title: Photocatalytic degradation of DB71 using modified TiO2 catalyst


 Moses O. Ekeoma

  Ph.D. Student
  Department of Chemistry, Michael Okpara Univerisity of Agriculture, Nigeria
  Period:            13/8/2012, 30/3/2013.
  Research title: Development of Heterogeneous catalysts from waste resources for Biodiesel Production


Completed Postdoctoral Fellow:


(1) Dr. Benjamin Olufemi Aderemi  (Dec. 2008-Jun 2009)

(2) Dr. Victor Obinna Njoku (TWAS/USM Postdoctoral Fellowship) 16/8/2010 till 15/8/2011.

     Research project: Adsorption of pesticides onto activated carbons prepared from agricultural waste

     by microwave assisted chemical activation

(3) Dr. Suhas Patil (USM Postdoctoral Fellowship) 30/9/2010 till 29/9/2011.

      Research project:     Synthesis and Characterization of self-cleaning and photocatalytic coating for environmental application

(4) Dr. Md Azharul Islam  (TWAS/USM Postdoctoral Fellowship) (Jan 2014-JAn 2015)

     Research Project: Preparation of mesoporous activated carbon from biomass by conjunction of hydrothermal carbonization and chemical activation processes

(5) Dr. Waheed Ahmad Khanday, (USM Postdoctoral Fellowship), Synthesis and characterization of zeolites materials for energy and environment applications, Feb. 2016-Feb. 2017.


Completed PhD:

1.    Kabir Garba (PhD) Thermal and catalytic pyrolysis of lignocellulosic oil palm wastes using zeolite and hydroxyapatite based catalysts (2018)


2.    Ali Lawan Yaumi (PhD) Nitrogen-containing nanoporous activated carbons derived from seaweed and agricultural wastes for efficient carbon dioxide adsorption (2018).


3.    Krishnaveni A/P Rudrusamy (PhD) Preparation, characterization and catalytic performance of mixed-oxide (Sn, Mg, Ba and Al) catalyst for the synthesis of FAME and glycerol-free FAME from palm fatty acid distillate, non-edible and waste cooking oils (2017).


4.    Norhaslinda Binti Nasuha (PhD) Preparation and characterization of efficient  and reusable iron based-silica oxide catalysts for dark, UV and visible light-assisted Fenton-like degradation of reactive black 5, acid blue 29 and methylene blue (2017).


5.    Okoye Ugochukwu Patrick (PhD) Development and characterization of reusable heterogeneous catalysts for glycerol transesterification and acetylation to oxygenated fuel additives (2017).


6.    Yanna Syamsuddin (PhD) Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of Ca)-based catalysts in transesterification on non-edible and waste cooking oils into glycerol-free fatty acid methyl ester (2017).


7.    Wan Zuraida Wan Kamis (PhD) Synthesis and characterization of mixed-oxides (Cr, W, Tu, Mn) catalysts to produce FAME from palm fatty acid distillate, non-edible and waste cooking oils (2015).


8.    Hadis Amani (PhD) Synthesis, characterization of mixed metal (Sc, Ca, Mn, Zr, Al, Si) as heterogeneous catalysts for the transesterification/esterification of waste cooking palm oil, palm fatty acid distillate, edible and non-edible oils to FAME (2015)


9.    Azam Taufik Mohd Din (PhD) Ordered mesoporous carbons and its alginate composite adsorbents: syntheses, characterizations and adsorption performances for methylene blue, chloramphenicol and riboflavin (2014).


10.  L. H. Chin (PhD) Transesterification/esterification of non-edible and waste cooking oils to FAME and glycerol free FAME using carbon and silica-based catalysts (2014).


11.  Soon Ai Ni (PhD) Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous iron modified silica catalyst for the photo-Fenton degradation of organic pollutants (2014)


12.  Manase Auta (PhD) Preparation, characterization and adsorption studies of clay and chitosan-based composite adsorbents for acid, basic and reactive (2013)


13.  Muataz Sh. Khayoon (PhD) Development of silica-based and activated carbon-based catalysts for glycerol acetylation, transesterification and acetalization processes for the production of oxygenated fuel additives (2013).


14.  Foo Keng Yuen(PhD) Preparation and characterization of agricultural waste based activated carbons by microwave-induced chemical activation for the adsorption of methylene blue (2012)


15.  Moses Aderemi Olutoye (PhD) Synthesis, characterization and activity of mixed metal oxide (Mg, Zn, Al) catalysts for transesterification of waste cooking palm oil and non-edible oils (2012)


16.  Akpan U. George (PhD) Synthesis, characterization and activity of titanium dioxide based (Ca, Ce, W)-TiO2 photocatalysts for degradation of dye and pesticide (2011).


17.  Abdulbari A. Ahmed Saeed (PhD) Preparation and characterization of mesoporous activated carbons from rattan and bamboo waste for color and COD removal (2010).


18.  Jassim Mohamed Salman (PhD) Adsorption of the pesticides bentazon, carbofuran and 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid by mesoporous activated carbons prepared from agriculture waste (2010).


19.  A. W. Tan (PhD) Preparation and Characterization and evaluation of Mesoporous Activated Carbons derived from agricultural by-products for adsorption of methylene blue and 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol (2008).


20.  Ahmed Mubarak A. Alsobaai (PhD) Development of zeolite-based catalysts for the hydrocracking of gas oil: synthesis, characterization, activity and kinetic studies (2007).



Completed Masters:


1.    Muhammed Ahshath Bin A. Jamal Muhammed, M.Sc. Thesis (2014) Photocatalytic removal of phenol using nano-TiO2 doped with lanthanum (Co-supervision)


2.    Yee Ling Tan, M.Sc. Thesis (2014) Fixed bed adsorption of carbon dioxide on modified granular coconut activated carbon


3.    Nwokedi Amina Amaka, M.Sc. Thesis (2014) Transesterification of glycerol with dimethyl carbonate ober barium and calicum mixed oxide catalyst


4.    Yoseef Algoufi, M.Sc. Thesis (2013) Transesterification of glycerol with dimethyl carbonate to glycerol carbonate over ash-, clay-based and stronium aluminum oxide catalysts


5.    Kong Li Peng, M.Sc. Thesis (2013) Design and synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles augmented microcapsule for dye removal (co-supervision)


6.    Noor Khalilah Binti Abdul Rashid, M.Sc. Thesis (2012) Synthesis, characterization and optimization of supported carbon molecular sieve membranes from polyetherimide (co-supervision)


7.    Ayodele Olumide Bolarinwa, M.Sc. Thesis (2012) Modified clay supported Ferrioxalate catalysts for the degradation of phenol, 4-nitrophenol and amoxicillin using Photo-Fenton process


8.    Nur Ashikin Ab Rahman, M.Sc. Thesis (2012) Transesterification of edible, non-edible and waste cooking palm oils to fatty acid methyl ester using Mg-Ca-Co mixed oxide catalyst


9.    Nur Hidayah Binti Mohammad Azmi, M.Sc. Thesis (2012) Heterogeneous Photo-Fenton Decolorization of Acid Green 25 using local natural clays and dolomite based catalysts


10.Hamizura Binti Hassan, M.Sc. Thesis (2011) Decolorization of dye pollutants by Fenton-like oxidation process using zeolite and natural clay based catalyst


11.Wan Zuraida Binti Wan Kamis, M.Sc. Thesis (2011) Transesterification of virgin and waste cooking palm oil on activated carbon-supported calcium oxide catalyst


12.Norhaslinda Binti Nasuha, M.Sc. Thesis (2011) Adsorption of methylene blue onto modified factory tea waste: Batch and Fixed bed column


13.Kirushantini Balakrishnan, M.Sc. Thesis (2011) Transesterification of waste cooking oil and crude Jatropha oil using Ba/CaO catalyst


14.Farra Wahida Binti shaarani, M.Sc. Thesis (2010) Adsorption of Methylene blue and 2,4- Dichlorophenol onto modified activated carbons prepared from agricultural waste


15.Krishnaveni A/P Rudrusamy, M.Sc. Thesis (2010) Non-conventional adsorbents form ethylene blue adsorption: Equilibrium, Kinetic and thermodynamic studies


16.Nor Konisah Binti Daud, M.Sc. Thesis (2010) Fenton-Like Oxidation of Acid and Reactive Dyes Using Natural-Materials Supported Catalysts


17.Dalia Kh. Mahmoud, M.Sc. Thesis (2009) Agricultural by-product as low-cost adsorbents: Batch adsorption of methylene blue


18.Chin, L.H., M.Sc. Thesis (2009) Oil palm ash as solid catalyst for palm oil-based transesterification to biodiesel: Optimization by response surface mythology


19.Jaya Paul A/L Arumai Dhas, M.Sc. Thesis (2008) Removal of COD from textile wastewater using limestone and activated carbon (co-supervision)


20.Masitah Binti Hasan, M.Sc. Thesis (2007) Adsorption of azo reactive dyes on Chitosan/oil-palm ash composite adsorbent: Batch and column studies


21.Abdulbari Abdulrahman Ahmed Saeed, M.Sc. Thesis (2006) Isotherms, kinetics and thermodunamic studies of dyes adsorption from aqueous solutions onto activated palm ash and bentonite


22.Faridah Ghafar, M.Sc. Thesis (2005) Adsorption and Kinetic Studies of Aromatic Compounds onto Activated Carbon


23.Hawaiah I. Maarof M.Sc. Thesis  (2005) Adsorption Studies of Phenolic Compounds from Aqueous Solution


24.Azam Taufik Mohd Din, M.Sc. Thesis (2005) Preparation, Characterization and Adsorption Performance of Mesoporous Activated Carbon Prepared from Selected Biomass


25.Mimi Rahayu Bt. Samsudin, M.Sc. Thesis (2005) Hydrothermal Conversion of Malaysian Coral to Hydroxyapatite, a bone substitute: Synthesis, Characterization and in Vitro Studies


26.Yasmin Binti Che Ani, M.Sc. Thesis (2004) Adsorption Studies of Dues Using Clay-Based and Activated Carbon Adsorbents


27.Ahmed Mubarak ahmed Alsobaai, M.Sc. Thesis (2004) Hydrocraking and Hydrodesulfurization Activities of NiMo Catalyst Supported on Alumina and Activated Carbons for Petroleum Residual Oil


28.S. Sumathi, M.Sc. Thesis (2004) Removal of Residue Oil from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) using Chitosan (co-supervision)


29.Yanna syamsuddin, M.Sc. Thesis (2003) Hydrocraking of Petroleum Residue Oil over Alumina and Aluminum Borate Supported Nickel-Molybdenum Catalysts



Research Officers/Assistants:


Nurfani Ekawati Binti Musthafa


Previous research officers/assistants (2008-2009):

Chan Kok Kwang                (Mar. 2009-April 2009)

Goh Chun Sheng                (April 2009-Jun 2009)

Tan Bin Bin                        (May 2009-Jun 2009)

 Oh Chun Keat                   (May 2009-Jun 2009)

Yeap Swee Pin                   (May 2009-Jun 2009)

Liew Chai Chien                  (May 2009-Jun 2009)

Meow Tzyy Ling                 (May 2009-Jun 2009)

Siow Shing Yuen                 (May 2009-Jun 2009)

Tai Man Chin                      (May 2009-Jun 2009)

Tan Siew Lean                   (Jan 2008-March 2008)

Lee Wei How                     (Jan 2008-March 2008)

Tan Siew Lean                   (Nov. 2008-Dec. 2008)

Tan Siew Lean                   (Jan 2008-Mar. 2008)

Seah Choon Ming                (April 2008-Jun 2008)

Noor Shida Bt. A. Rahman   (April 2008-Jun 2008)

Siti Suzi Hazira Bt. Bahrin     (May 2008-Jun 2008)

S. M. F. Bt. Sahaimi            (April 2008-Jun 2008)

Nur Hidayah bt. M. Azmi      (May 2008-Jun 2008)

Nur Ashikin Bt. Ab Rahman (May 2008-July 2008)

Foo Keng Yuen                   (April 2008-Oct. 2008)

Lily Elissa Bt Zakaria           (Jan. 2008-April 2008)

Undergraduate Student Supervision

More than 50 undergraduate students completed their final year research project is under the direct supervision of Professor Dr. Bassim H. Hameed in his research laboratory. Seven of the students published their work in refereed journals. Eight students have gone to postgraduate program at USM and other Universities. Other students obtained responsible positions in industry.




Last Updated, April2018.

Top Hottest Articles!

According to a recent   Science Direct report of J. Hazard. Mater.; Desalination; Colloids Surf A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects; Chem. Eng. J. and Fuel Process. Technol., more than 15 of our papers were among Top 25 Hottest Articles accessed in 2007-2012. More..

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Top 10 Cited articles

According to Desalination (Extracted from Scopus on Sat Jan 1 22:08:55 GMT 2011), Journal of Hazardous Materials (Extracted from Scopus (on Sun Jan 2 20:51:48 GMT2011), Chemical Engineering Journal (Extracted from Scopus (on Wed Dec 2921:53:31 GMT 2010) and Dyes and Pigments (Extracted from Scopus on Thu Jan 6 22:47:17 GMT 2011), our following three articles were cited as one of Top 10 Cited articles published in the last five years:

Tan, I.A.W., Ahmad, A.L., Hameed, B.H., Adsorption of basic dye using activated carbon preparedfrom oil palm shell: batch and fixed bed studies, Desalination 225 (2008) 13-28.

Hameed, B.H., Din, A.T.M., Ahmad, A.L., Adsorption of methylene blue onto bamboo-basedactivated carbon: Kinetics and equilibrium studies, Journal of Hazardous Materials 141 (2007) 819-825.

Tan, I.A.W. , Hameed, B.H., Ahmad, A.L., Equilibrium and kinetic studies on basic dye adsorptionby oil palm fibre activated carbon, Chemical Engineering Journal127 ( 2007) 111-119.

Hameed, B.H., Ahmad, A.L., Latiff, K.N.A.,Adsorption of basic dye (methylene blue) onto activated carbon preparedfrom rattan sawdust, Dyes and Pigments, 75 (2007) 143-149.


Latest Published Articles

K.L. Tan, B.H. Hameed, Insight into the adsorption kinetics models for the removal of contaminants from aqueous solutions, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 74 (2017) 25-48.

N. Nasuha, S. Ismail, B.H. Hameed, Activated electric arc furnace slag as an effective and reusable Fenton-like catalyst for the photodegradation of methylene blue and acid blue 29,  Journal of Environmental Management, 196 (2017) 323-329.




News and Events

Professorial lecture

It is the delight of the READ Group to highlight the successful Professorial lecture of Prof. Bassim H. Hameed. The lecture took place on 15th June 2011 at Engineering Campus of USM, Nibong Tebal, Penang, Malaysia.

The title of the lecture was “Agro-Activated Carbons: low-cost, renewable and sustainable for clean environment”. Prof. Bassim, in his Lecture dwelt much on the conversion of waste to useful material. The slogan of the lecture is anchored on “Don’t Waste Waste”. Any waste can be transformed into a potentially useful material. In this delight, Prof. Bassim did justice to his lecture by taking his audience through the process by which various waste can be converted to activated carbon, a material which is very effective in the removal of pollutants from wastewater and air. A clip showing how our river waters are polluted was shown which a motivating factor to finding materials, such as activated carbon and other adsorbent which can be used in the treatment of water. Read more...


News and Events

Guest Professor at Yunan Minzu University, China

Prof. Dr. Bassim H. Hameed been appointed as a Guest Professor at Yunan Minzu University, China for the period of 2014—2017.


USM is the top 20

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is the 19th best varsity for Chemical Engineering in Asia, according to the inaugural QS World University Ranking for technical subjects.

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