USM Chemical Engineering Team Won Silver Award (National) in BEST! Anak Penang - Skim Insentif Kecemerlangan Bakat Muda Pulau Pinang


The BEST! Anak Penang - Skim Insentif Kecemerlangan Bakat Muda Pulau Pinang (SIKBMPP) is an initiative that aims to support and recognise Penang’s youth who excel in academic and co-curricular competitions at the national and international levels and bring honour to the State of Penang.

Many teams and individuals from high school to university participated in this scheme application, where they would submit their winnings from past competitions nationally or internationally to the panel of BEST! Anak Penang for review on whether they are eligible to be one of the winners of this scheme. Only the top three winners are eligible per the terms and conditions. Different cash prizes are allocated for different winnings.


A team of 4th-year students from the School of Chemical Engineering, Revolution X, participated in this scheme with their winning in I.D.E.A Fair Exhibition 2022. The team supervised by Prof. Dr. Lee Keat Teong consists of Bol Ram, Tan Kah Huat, and Peh Ming Feng. This team had the idea that the project they worked on was far more than a simple victory in SEAGIC 2021 and I.D.E.A Fair Exhibition 2022. Thus, they proved that their project and victory were worth more when they emerged as Runner-Up in this first-ever BEST! Anak Penang - SIKBMPP.


The project title is Effective Medical Wastes Management through Smart Pyrolysis Plant. Pyrolysis replaced the conventional medical waste disposal method of incineration and sanitary landfill. It minimized air pollution and possible chances of hazardous wastes leaking into the environment. Advanced concepts in Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0, such as Sensors Technology, the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning and Machine Learning, were applied to the smart pyrolysis plant. This enhanced time and energy efficiency with a safer and cleaner alternative and circular economy. Higher-order skills job opportunities were produced since simple jobs will be substituted with the increase in workforce quality. It is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to always ensure sustainability.

Text by: Bol Ram and Tan Kah Huat

Photos by: Team Revolution X