Chemical Reaction Engineering Research Laboratory

The Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory is equipped with different types of reactors and equipments for complete evaluation industrial catalysts. The laboratory has equipments useful for the synthesis, modification and characterization of catalysts.

Autosorb : Catalyst characterization PC controlled unit. Surface area, metal area and pore size distribution by gas adsorption and desorption.

Chembet 3000 : Temperature program adsorption, desorption and reaction. Dynamic adsorption studies, surface area and chemisorbed area.

Floor Stand Model : Suitable for hydrogenation, cracking and other reaction involving solid-gas-High Pressure liquid system at temperatures to 350OC and pressure up to 1500 psi. Reaction

Bench Scale High : For reaction studies under pressure up to 1000 psi and temperature 300OC.Pressure Reaction Vessel

Microreactor Rig : Suitable for evaluation of catalytic activity and process studies. The unit can be operated up to temperature of 500OC and 1 atm pressure.

Parr Auto Clave : Synthesis of Zeolites and molecular sieve materials.