Qualifications: B.Eng., M.Sc. (USM), Ph.D. (UM)
Expertise: Activated Carbon, Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS), CMS Membrane, Adsorption, Pyrolysis, Waste/Biomass Utilization


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    1. Production of microwave-assisted carbon adsorbent for wastewater treatment.
    2. Production of carbon molecular sieve for gas separation.
    3. Pyrolysis of biomass/agrowaste for solid fuel/char production.
    1. Development of hollow fiber carbon membranes from polymer for gas separation.
    2. Synthesis of activated carbon from hard wood by microwave heating for dyes removal: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies.
    3. Functionalized adsorbent from biomass/agrowaste for heavy metals removal
    1. Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic of dyes adsorption on biomass based activated carbon.
    2. Activated carbon from biomass/agrowaste prepared via microwave irradiated for dye removal.
    3. Modified polymeric adsorbent for dye removal.