Qualifications: B.Eng., M.Sc. (USM), Ph.D. (UM)
Expertise: Adsorption, Pyrolysis, Waste/Biomass Utilization


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    1. Production of microwave-assisted carbon adsorbent for wastewater treatment.
    2. Production of carbon molecular sieve for gas separation.
    3. Pyrolysis of biomass/agrowaste for solid fuel/char production.
    1. Mohamad Nasran: Production of Tecoma Wood Waste Based Activated Carbon for Adsorption of Antibiotics from Aqueous Solution.
    2. Mohd Raziff Mat Hasan: Study on conversion of recycled plastic waste into the road and its safety & health measurement to the environment in Malaysia.
    3. Asaad Salim Bded Alibraheemi: Transportation of waxy crude oils at low temperatures.
    4. Erniza Mohd Johan Jaya: Synthesis of activated carbon from tea plantation wastes for heavy metals removal from aqueous solution.
    5. Md Mamoon Rashid: Development of abundant metal catalysts.
    6. Siti Zawiyah Baharom: Production of mesoporous carbon adsorbent from food-processing wastes and its adsorptive properties.
    7. Mohamad Razif Mohd Ramli: Biomass modified by CuFe layered for levofloxacin and ciprofloxcin removal from aqueous solution.
    8. Al-Rikabi Muna Naeemah Ghdhaib: Fast microwave-assisted pyrolysis of wastes for biofuels production.
    1. Nurlailah Abdillah: DAssessing Water Quality of Putat River, Melaka using the Analysis of Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL).
    2. Eleena Yasmeen Mohd Hamdan: Biomass modified by CuFe layered for norfloxacin removal from aqueous solution.
    3. Farihah Luqman: Adsorption of chloramphenicol and caffein from aqueous solution by palm kernel shell modified by CuFe layered.
    4. Mohamad Hafiz Baharudin: Functionalized biomass based adsorbent for emerging contaminat removal from aqueous solution.