Research Project and Postgraduate Students:


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Graduated Members:

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Graduated Final Year Project (FYP) Students:


1. Ng Qi Hwa (2012)   

Development of Nanocomposite Membrane for Membrane Defouling

2. Mohammad NurShafiqe bin Haliman (2012)   

Protein Staining and Quantification using Densitometry technique in NanogramDetection

3. Yogeswaria/p Thandaithabany (2012)   

Protein-Membrane Electrokinetic Interactions On Protein Adsorption In Biosensor/ Immunoassay

4. Norfa’eizenBinti Abdul Rahim Neyu (2013)   

Development of thin film PAA/magnetic composite layer on ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment

5. NabihahBinti Mohamad Ketar@Mokhtar (2013)   

Evaluation of Protein Immobilization on Lateral Flow Nitrocellulose Membrane via Pulse Mode Measurement

6. NurFarahinbinti Abdul Rahman (2014)   

Effect of Macromolecular Additives on the Stability of Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane

7. Tan Peng Chee (2014)   

Synthesis and Characterization of Polyethersulfone Membrane via Dry/Wer Phase Inversion for Separation of aquatic HumicSubstances

8. Mohammad Nizam bin Anuar (2015)   

Morphology Modification of Polyethersulfone (PES) Membrane through water vapor induced phase inversion

9. Mohammad Helmi bin Zolkeflay (2015)   

Synthesis of Molecularly Imprinted Sol-Gel Matrix for Specific Binding of Creatinine

10. Mohammad Azizol bin Shafiee (2015)   

Separation Efficiency of the Epoxy Cross-Linked Polyethersulfone Membrane for Chromium Removal

11. SitiNorhaslizabinti Ahmad (2016)   

Adherence of optical indicator ligand on cellulose acetate/chitosan membrane as membrane-based sensor array

12. Vasyanthan AL Pandiyan (2016)   

Controlling membrane fouling through layer-by-layer assembly of polyelectrolyte and magnetite nanoparticles on cellulose acetate membrane

13. Ong Hui Sin (2016)   

Access shape complementarity of molecularly imprinted polymer for specific uptake of creatinine

14. Nur Hafizah binti Abd Halil (2017)   

Protein Immobilization on Glutaraldehyde Activated Nylon Membranes: Effects of the Activation Conditions

15. Tan Ying Shien (2017)   

Capability of Adsorptive Expoxified Poly(ethersulfone) Membrane to Separate Chromium Ions

16. Florence Chan (2017)   

Molecularly Recognition of Imprinted Silica Matrix in Detection of Creatinine

17. Chan Zi Ying (2018)   

Capability of chromophores-cellulose acetate/chitosan membrane-based colorimetricsensor for heavy metal detection

18. Noor Nadhirah binti Harith (2018)   

Deposition of nylon membrane on carbon electrode for the development of ascorbic acid electrochemical biosensor

19. Yiauw Diing Ye (2018)   

Correlating The Synthesis Protocol And Properties Of Polyimide Film For CO2 Removal

20. Sharmaine Binti Shahibullah (2019)   

Evaluation of electroanalytical sensing condition for the membrane-based biosensor

21. Nur Najwa Syazwani Binti Awang (2019)   

Determine the selectivity of membrane-based electrochemical biosensor to detect ascorbic acid

22. Nurul Aini Binti Zulkifly (2019)   

Correlating the membrane morphology and its performance on biosensor

23. Samuel Anand Stephen Paul (2020)

Manipulating Membrane Hydrophobicity and Swelling Tendency by Integrating Functionalized Fumed Silica Nanoparticles

24. Sarvveswaran A/L Paranthaman (2020)

Carbon dioxide absorption via membrane gas absorption as a function of silica loading in composite membrane

25. Tan Ci Jun (2020)

Manipulating Geometrical of Carbon Electrode through Screen Printing for Enhanced Electrochemical Sensing Detection

26. Soon Wan Chi (2021)

Manipulating Membrane Anti-Wetting Tendency through Phase Inversion

27. Muhammad Fahim Azim bin Bohiran (2021)

Feasibility of Screen Printing Carbon Electrode to Detect Ascorbic Acid

28. Ismat Muhsin bin Baharuddin (2021)

Correlating effect of Polymer Molecular Chain Length and Properties of Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF) for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Removal in Membrane Gas Absorption

29. Nurul Nabielah binti Zulkifli (2022)

Immobilization of Different Chromophores on Cellulose Acetate Butyrate Flat-Sheet to Detect Heavy Metal Ions

30. Nur Sajha binti Adnan (2022)

Impact of Cross-Linking Polymer to Bridge the Porous Membrane and Selective Layer in Membrane Absorption

31. Nurul Hanisarina binti Zaharum (2022)

Elucidating Electrochemical Properties of Suitable Polymer Coated on Carbon Electrode to Detect Heavy Metals

32. Nur Balqis binti Azahar (2023)

Development of Metal-modified ZSM-5 as a Catalyst for Plastic-waste Pyrolysis

33. Jacinta Ronie James Majanau (2023)

Developement of Superhydrophobic Surface Printing PVDF Membrane for Desalination through Membrane Distillation Process

34. Chew Kai Xiang (2023)

Optimization of Plating Efficiency on Epoxy Polymer-Mold Substrate through Electroless Copper Plating Strategy