The End of International Conference on Environment, ICENV2010

15th December 2010 concludes the 3rd International Conference on Environment 2010 in a series of ICENV’s which is held once in two years. The School of Chemical Engineering, USM would like to thank the participants from all over the globe whom have contributed and presented their research findings in areas related to environmental preservation and conservation, particularly the discoveries which could help the bottom billions.

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Visitors to the School of Chemical Engineering

The school is honored to receive visitors from various institutions around the world. The purpose of these visits is generally to explore for possible collaboration between both institutions. During their visit, a brief presentation was given by the Dean, Prof. Azlina Harun and subsequently the guests were given a short tour of the school

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A Talk On Alternative Route For PhD Thesis Examination

On 7th September 2010, Prof. Roshada Hashim, Dean of Institute of Postgraduate Studies, presented a talk on alternative route for PhD thesis examination that is through the “Thesis and Publication” route. The talk was presented at the School of Chemical Engineering, USM and was attended by more than 35 lecturers and PhD students from engineering campus. During the talk, Prof. Roshada gave a very detail description on the procedure and requirements for PhD student to go through that route.

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International COnference on Environment ICENV 2018