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Program Educational Objectives and Program Learning Outcomes for Postgraduate Study (MSc & PhD)

Program Educational Objectives

The MSc and PhD programs are designed to produce graduates who meet the following objectives:

  • PEO1: Capable of integrating the latest concepts, theories, methods and knowledge in carrying out quality and useful research for the well-being of the local and global community.
  • PEO2: Graduates who are skilled in analyzing problems critically and accurately and are able to explore creative and innovative solutions through various latest digital platforms.
  • PEO3: Practicing professional and ethical values ‚Äčin carrying out responsibilities to employers, society and the country.
  • PEO4: Have effective and confident communication skills in conveying knowledge orally and in writing.
  • PEO5: Capable of exploring new knowledge and collaborating with various stakeholders that have an impact on the development and socio-economic sustainability of the community and the country.

Program Learning Outcomes

The MSc and PhD programs are designed to produce graduates who expected to attain the following outcomes;

  • PLO1: Master significant and up-to-date knowledge in relevant fields.
  • PLO2: Demonstrate effective and innovative skills in conducting research.
  • PLO3: Analyze research findings effectively and accurately.
  • PLO4: Demonstrate the ability to present and defend research clearly, confidently and effectively.
  • PLO5: Demonstrate the ability to collaborate with various parties in carrying out research and have good social ethics.
  • PLO6: Comply with safety rules and instructions and have principles, professionalism and ethics in conducting research.
  • PLO7: Exhibiting high motivation in exploring new knowledge, managing research resources well and organizing information neatly and in detail.
  • PLO8: Exhibiting a responsible attitude in conducting research, having good judgment in making decisions and being able to cooperate in managing research.
  • PLO9: Analyze the results of findings using various digital technologies and software that are compatible with research methods.
  • PLO10: Explain the results of the findings by using analysis that is appropriate to research methods and findings to ensure that the research conclusions are accurate and impactful.