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towards zero carbon

research for a better world

Research for a Better World

“Guided by Sustainable Development Goals and relevant government policies, we are committed to researching and delivering success to humanity. We are proud that our researchers are listed among the world's top 2% of top-cited scientists in their respective fields.”

With the expertise of researchers and assistance from postgraduate students, we provide problem-solving based on the fundamental concepts of chemical engineering to industry, local communities, and related bodies.

Our Main Research Niche Areas

Low Carbon Economy

Carbon emissions from economic activities lead to global warming and climate crisis. Evidently, flooding, hot temperature and a rise in sea level are very concerning. Thus, the growth of the green economy and energy sustainability should be accelerated by adopting carbon neutral and zero-carbon footprint policies. We play our role to mitigate carbon emission through intensive research on CO2 conversion, separation & absorption; process modeling, simulation, integration & optimization; application of artifical inteligent (AI), biofuel synthesis, green catalysis, and nanomaterials synthesis.

Sustainable Energy

Energy is the world's primary necessity. The fluctuation of energy prices and carbon releases from energy usage causes economic inflation and climate change, respectively. Thus, sustainable sources of energy are required for future generations. Energy sources that resulted in lower carbon emissions should be a priority. We are committed to providing sustainable energy sources through research related to biomass to biofuels synthesis, bioconversion of biomass, electrochemical & fuel cells; application of carbon nanomaterials, process simulation, integration & optimization.

Environmental Sustainability

Industrial, agricultural and human activities cause the emission of pollutants to air, water and land. Consequently, leads to global warming, eutrophication, acidification and poor air as well as water quality for human consumption. We strive in tackling environmental issues through research in membrane separation & activated carbon adsorption of wastewater; wastewater bioremediation, electrochemical treatment, enzymatic & bioconversion of waste; catalytic conversion of VOCs, computational fluid dynamic analysis, safety & health related studies.

Sustainable Bioresources

Bioresources are derived from nature which include biomass from plants, animals & microorganisms as well as food and municipal wastes from human activities. Such raw materials offer a sustainable pathway to yield fine chemicals and value-added products. We carried out related research, especially on the extraction, purification & application of biomolecules as well as active ingredients; lignocellulosic conversion, biotransformation of active ingredients, enzymatic conversion of fats & oils; cell & tissue culture; metabolic engineering and bioreactor design.

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