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7th Aug 2020 - A group of parents and guardians of Class 3 Al-Fazari, has taken an initiative to ease Sekolah Kebangsaan Bertam Perdana (SKBP) burden in combacting COVID-19 by teaming up with the School of Chemical Engineering (SChE) CSR team to deliver 100 bottles of disinfectant liquid, today. SChE delegates lead by the Dean, Prof. Ir. Dr. Zainal Ahmad were well received by the highly spirited headmistress, Puan Hasmah binti Ismail.

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Let your good deeds be like rain, drop a little everywhere

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School of Chemical Engineering, USM is extending their COVID-19 CSR service to Akademi Tahfiz Mutiara, Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang in collaboration with the generous sponsor, Persatuan Alumni Graduan Sains Mara Kota Baharu 1991 (ANGSA91). The hand over of 100 bottles of hand sanitizers will be done by ANGSA91 representatives to Mudir of Akademi Tahfiz Mutiara, very soon.

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