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A Talk On Alternative Route For PhD Thesis Examination

On 7th September 2010, Prof. Roshada Hashim, Dean of Institute of Postgraduate Studies, presented a talk on alternative route for PhD thesis examination that is through the “Thesis and Publication” route. The talk was presented at the School of Chemical Engineering, USM and was attended by more than 35 lecturers and PhD students from engineering campus. During the talk, Prof. Roshada gave a very detail description on the procedure and requirements for PhD student to go through that route.

Prof. Roshada also clearly indicated that this alternative route is simpler that the conventional route that is through “Publication” alone. Thus, students with good publications record are strongly encouraged to consider this alternative route. For students that would like to know more on this method or have any queries, kindly contact your respective Deputy Deans (Research & Postgraduate Studies) or contact Prof. Roshada directly.