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Visitors to the School of Chemical Engineering

The school is honored to receive visitors from various institutions around the world. The purpose of these visits is generally to explore for possible collaboration between both institutions. During their visit, a brief presentation was given by the Dean, Prof. Azlina Harun and subsequently the guests were given a short tour of the school.

Recent visitors to the school are:

Imperial College London, UK on 10th August 2010

  • Prof. David S. McPhail (Director of Postgraduate Studies)


University of Strathclyde, UK on 2nd September 2010

  • Prof. David Gani (Deputy Principal, External Affairs and Advancement)
  • Prof. Iain S. Hunter (Dean of Science)
  • Prof. Colin D. Grant (Associate Deputy Principal)


Kazakh National Technical University,Republic of Kazakhstan
on 21st September 2010

  • Prof. Zheksenbek M. Adilov (Rector)
  • Prof. Omarov Edige (Alumnus Department Chief)