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3-Year Accreditation was Granted by the EAC to the School of Chemical Engineering

The recent visit by the Engineering Accreditation Council, (EAC) in July this year has already finalised their evaluation. The Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Programme offered by the School was thoroughly checked and scrutinised by the 3 appointed panels from the Board of Engineers Malaysia, (BEM).

After nearly two months of waiting, the Board has decided to grant the School of Chemical Engineering for another 3 years (2011 - 2013), an extension from the 2-year period, resulted from the last exercise in 2008. The 3-year period of accreditation shows an apparent strength of the School’s undergraduate programme as well as its ability to improve the shortcomings which were addressed previously.

The School would like to thank each and everyone who had involved in the recent exercise for their contributions and help both directly or indirectly.