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The End of International Conference on Environment, ICENV2010

15th December 2010 concludes the 3rd International Conference on Environment 2010 in a series of ICENV’s which is held once in two years. The School of Chemical Engineering, USM would like to thank the participants from all over the globe whom have contributed and presented their research findings in areas related to environmental preservation and conservation, particularly the discoveries which could help the bottom billions.

The Organising Committee would also like to thank all the plenary speakers renowned in their work, who have taken their precious times to be with us in the meeting.

It is hoped that the findings tabled during the conference as well as the fruitful discussions among scientists, technologists and legislators will be applied and practiced, especially in maintaining our environment for the betterment of our future generations.

The School of Chemical Engineering will again provide a similar platform of discussion in 2012 in its 4th series of ICENV. For now, let us ponder upon the current state of our Mother Earth and find a possible resolution to help preserving the environment for a sustainable tomorrow.

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ICENV 2010