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Qualifications: B.Eng. (UTM), Ph.D. (USM)
Expertise: Plant Tissue and Cell Culture Technology, Phytochemistry


    1. Yin Sim Ng and Derek Juinn Chieh Chan (2017) Phytoremediation Capabilities of Spirodela polyrhiza, Salvinia molesta and Lemna sp. in Synthetic Wastewater: A Comparative Study, International Journal of Phytoremediation, doi: 10.1080/15226514.2017.1375895.
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    1. Solid state microalgae cultivation for biofunctional compounds
    2. Phytoremediation of fish farm wastewater
    3. Plant tissue and cell culture technology
    1. Molecular imprinted polymer layer using Navicula frustules as core material for lysozyme recognition
    2. Magnetophoretic separation of microalgae via iron oxide nanoparticles
    3. Growth profile and lipid composition of locally isolated benthic diatom Amphora subacusticula under different cultivation conditions
    1. Performance of macrophytes in phytoremediation of fish farm wastewater
    2. A perfusion stirred-tank membrane bioreactor for high density plant cell cultivation
    3. Modification of Fabricated Bioreactor For Scale Up Production Of Plant Cell Biomass And Secondary Metabolites