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Prof Lee


Qualifications: B.Eng., Ph.D. (USM)
Expertise: Energy Environment, Reaction Engineering, Waste Utilization, Renewable Energy



    1. Teh, Yong Yi, Lee, Keat Teong, Chen, Wei-Hsin, Lin, Shih-Cheng, Sheen, Herng-Kuang, & Tan, Inn Shi (2017). Dilute sulfuric acid hydrolysis of red macroalgae Eucheuma denticulatum with microwave-assisted heating for biochar production and sugar recovery,Bioresource Technology. 246: 20-27. []
    2. Chng, Lee Muei, Lee, Keat Teong, & Chan, Derek Juinn Chieh (2017). Synergistic effect of pretreatment and fermentation process on carbohydrate-rich Scenedesmus dimorphus for bioethanol production,Energy Conversion and Management. 141: 410-419. []
    3. Chng, Lee Muei, Chan, Derek Juinn Chieh, & Lee, Keat Teong (2016). Sustainable production of bioethanol using lipid-extracted biomass from Scenedesmus dimorphus,Journal of Cleaner Production. 130: 68-73. []
    4. Khoo, Choon Gek, Lam, Man Kee, & Lee, Keat Teong (2016). Pilot-scale semi-continuous cultivation of microalgae Chlorella vulgaris in bubble column photobioreactor (BC-PBR): Hydrodynamics and gas–liquid mass transfer study,Algal Research. 15: 65-76. []
    5. Tan, Inn Shi & Lee, Keat Teong (2016). Comparison of different process strategies for bioethanol production from Eucheuma cottonii: An economic study,Bioresource Technology. 199: 336-346. []
    1. Hydrothernal Based-Bio-refinery for Production of Biofuels from Microalgae. (FRGS-MRSA 2016, Jun 2017 – May 2019)
    2. Conversion of Microalgae to Biochars via Hydrothermal Carbonization. (USM-Short Term, Apr 2017 – Mar 2019)
    3. Production of Third Generation Bioethanol via Hydrolysis of Macroalgae (Seaweed) Using Heterogeneous Catalyst. (USM-RU, Feb 2013 – Oct 2016)
    1. Production of third generation biocrudes from hydrothermal liquefaction process.
    2. Semi-continuous cultivation of microalga Chlorella vulgaris in a pilot-scale bubble column photobioreactor.
    3. Effect of yeast and fermentation process in bioethanol production from Scenedesmus Dimorphus microalga biomass.
    1. Dilute sulfuric acid hydrolysis of red microalgae Eucheuma denticulatum with microwave-assisted heating for biochar production and sugar recovery.
    2. Biodiesel production from Jatropha Curcas L. oil using supercritical methyl acetate and methanol process.
    3. Second-generation biofuel from lignocellulosic residues.