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Qualifications: B.Eng. (UMIST), M.Sc. (USM), Ph.D. (Manchester)
Expertise: Reactive Distillation, Fuel Cell, Applied Catalysis, Mathematical Modeling


    1. Muhamad Nazri Murat, Muhamad Azman Miskam, Zainal Alimuddin Zainal Alauddin, Nor Irwin Basir, Mohammad Zulfikar Ishak, Characterization of Wet Impregnation Method for Catalytic Microcombustor using Palladium, Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 699 (2015) pp 163-168
    2. A. I. Nazri, N. I. Basir, M. N. Murat, A Conceptual Reactor Design based on Combination of Pressure Leaching - Electrochemical Deposition Techniques for Study of Gold Recovery from e-Waste, Advanced Materials Research, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland, Vol 1113 (2015) pp 187-192
    3. S. Sudibyo, M. N. Murat, N. Aziz, Neural Wiener Based Model Predictive Control (NWMPC) For MTBE Catalytic Distillation Using Reduced Sequential Quadratic Programming (RSQP), Advanced Materials Research, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland, Vol 1113 (2015) pp 733-738
    4. A. I. Nazri, N. I. Basir, M. N. Murat, 2014, Reactor Design based on Chemical Electrodeposition Technique for Gold Recovery from E-Waste , International Conference on Global Sustainability and Chemical Engineering (ICGSCE), Kuala Lumpur
    5. Mohammad Zulfikar Ishak, Muhamad Azman Miskam, Othman Sidek, Muhamad Nazri Murat, Mohd Azmier Ahmad, Integrated Thermoelectric Power Generator - Wireless Sensor Node for Remote Area Application, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013, 315, 597-601Synthesizing precursor for tapentadol production through biotransformation.
    1. Gold Recovery from Electronic Waste
    2. Continuous Production of Activated Carbon from Biomass
    3. Modeling and Simulation of Chemical Processes (Reactive Distillation, Fuel Cell, Micro-Combustor)
    1. Sudibyo, PhD, Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Reactive Distillation Column (on-going)
    2. Wan Nurul Huda Wan Zainal, PhD, Carbon Technology/Fabrication of Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes from Polymer Blend of Polyetherimide for Gas Separation Applications.(2015)
    3. Ahmed Daham Wiheeb, PhD, Membrane Gas Absorber For H2S Removal (2013)
    1. Amirul Islah Nazri, MSc, Recovery of Gold from Electronic Waste through Non-Cyanide Based Electroposition Technique. (on-going)
    2. Yoseef Turkyy AlGoufi, MSc, Transesterification of Glicerol with Dimethyl Carbonte to Glycerol Carbonate over Ash-, Clay-Based and Strontium-Aluminium Mixed Oxide Catalyst. (2013)
    3. Nor Munirah Che Othman, MSc, Development and Characterization of Catalyst for Meso/Micro-Scale Combustor, (2012)