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Qualifications: B.Eng., M.Sc. (USM), Ph.D. (British Columbia)
Expertise: Reaction Engineering, Heavy Oil Processing Catalysis, Modelling & Simulation


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    5. Hamzah M.O., Golchin B., Tye C.T. Determination of the optimum binder content of warm mix asphalt incorporating Rediset using response surface method, Construction and Building Materials, 47, 2013, 1328–1336.
    1. Upgrading of liquid fuels by cavitation processing.
    2. Green fuel production from renewable resources.
    3. Controllability of hydrolysis in polyvinyl alcohol production.
    1. Evaluation of indigenous additives in warm mix asphalt behavior.
    2. Effect of catalyst on the growth mechanism of single wall carbon nanotubes produced from disintegration of methane molecules.
    1. Hydrocracking of heavy residual using mesoporous catalyst.
    2. Recycling of used motor oil via catalytic cracking.
    3. Recovery of organic compounds from aqueous solutions using pervaporation.