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Qualifications: B.Tech., M.Sc., Ph.D. (USM)
Expertise: Catalysis, Reaction, Fuel Engineering, Nanoporous Materials, Wastewater Engineering
Current Position : Dean (School of Chemical Engineering)
  • 04-5996400
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      1. Khozema Ahmed Ali, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah, Abdul Rahman Mohamed (2017). Visible light responsive TiO2 nanoparticles modified using Ce and La for photocatalytic reduction of CO2: Effect of Ce dopant content, Applied Catalysis A: General, 537, 111-120. (Publisher: Elsevier).
      2. Nur Azimah Jamalluddin, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah (2016). Fe incorporated mesocellular foam as an effective and stable catalyst: Effect of Fe concentrations on the characteristics and Fenton-like oxidation of acid red B, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 414, 94-107. (Publisher: Elsevier).
      3. Mohd Razealy Anuar, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah (2016). Ultrasound-assisted biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using hydrotalcite prepared by combustion method as catalyst, Applied Catalysis A: General, 514, 214-223 (Publisher: Elsevier).
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      5. Nur Fatin Amalina Muhammad Sanusi, Mohd Hizami Mohd Yusoff, Mohamad Sabirin Marzuki, Ooi Boon Seng, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah (2018). Ultrafiltration based on various polymeric membranes for recovery of spent tungsten slurry for reuse in chemical mechanical polishing process, Journal of Membrane Science, 548, 232-238. (Publisher: Elsevier).
      1. Correlations between synthesis parameters, characteristics and reaction behaviors of acid-redox bifunctional mesoporous catalyst in single-step synthesis of acrylic acid from glycerol (Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia).
      2. Production of valuable chemicals from crude glycerol using catalytic and biochemical methods (Trans-Disciplinary Research Grant Scheme, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia).
      3. Continuous recycle system of spent tungsten slurry generated by chemical polishing process in wafer fabrication industry for reuse (CREST grant).
      1. Sulfated zirconia supported on SBA-15 for selective glycerol esterification with palmitic acid to monolaurin
      2. Selective esterification of glycerol with lauric acid to monolaurin using 12-tungstophosphoric acid incorporated SBA-15
      3. Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide in aqueous solution using TiO2 photocatalysts co-doped with cerium and lanthanum
      1. Cs-HPW/SBA-15 catalyst for selective production of monolaurin from glycerol and lauric acid
      2. Selective conversion of glycerol to lactic acid by CaO/Al2O3 supported catalyst
      3. Process performance of electrocoagulation in treating sanitary landfill leachate as pretreatment unit