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Qualifications: B.Sc., M.Sc. (Missouri-Rolla), Ph.D. (USM)
Expertise: Porous-dense membrane technology, Fluids enrichment, purification and utilization, Adsorption & catalysis, Nano-material synthesis, Characterization & process simulation, Renewable energy & sustainability, Petroleum-gas production, recovery & processing


    1. Hanseul Choi, Joonwoo Kim, Suk-Jin Choung, Jinsoo Kim, Mohd Roslee Othman. Complete removal of carbon monoxide by functional nanoparticles for hydrogen fuel cell application. Chemical Engineering Science. 172 (2017) 688–693
    2. H Choi, SP Yoon, J Han, J Kim, MR Othman. Continuous synthesis of molybdenum oxide microspheres by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. 47 (2017) 254–259
    3. Hoang Vu Ly, Emmanuel Galiwango, Seung-Soo Kim, Jinsoo Kim, Jae Hyung Choi, Hee Chul Woo, Mohd Roslee Othman. Hydrodeoxygenation of 2-furyl methyl ketone as a model compound of algal Saccharina Japonica bio-oil using iron phosphide catalyst. Chemical Engineering Journal 317 (2017) 302–308
    4. Seung-Soo Kim, Young Kwan Lim, Jae Hyung Choi, Jinsoo Kim, Mohd Roslee Othman. Bio-ETBE determination from low level liquid scintillation counter. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 49 (2017) 26–29
    5. AD Wiheeb, TE Mohammed, ZA Abdel-Rahman, MR Othman. Flow dynamics of gases inside hydrotalcite-silica micropores. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials. 246 (2017) 37-42
    1. Enrichment of gas and reaction studies through porous media
    2. Purity and recovery of industrial gases and bio-gas methane by pressure swing adsorption and membranes
    3. Surface mobility and transport of carbon dioxide and methane on micro pores
    1. Development and analysis of micro-porous membranes and metal reinforced porous media for acid gas capture from different gas mixtures (completed)
    2. In-situ carbon dioxide capture from hot flue gases (completed)
    3. Biodiesel production from second generation bio-fuel feed-stocks using heterogeneous base catalyst (completed)
    1. Carbon dioxide capture from high carbon dioxide stranded natural gas using pressure swing adsorption with equalization mode
    2. Development of porous catalyst support from clay minerals for oil and gas industrial application